Cavendish Fire Dept. Shelter Initiative

In order to assist the population of Cavendish in times of emergencies, the Cavendish Fire Department is working to strengthen the emergency sheltering capabilities within our town. The Department is raising money to purchase an emergency generator for the Cavendish Baptist Church building. The projected cost for this endeavor is approximately $10,000.

The Cavendish Fire Department believes that the church building makes an excellent shelter facility not only for its large and accommodating physical plant, but also because the Church can modify regular operations in the case of a large-scale ongoing emergency event like the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene. One of the lingering impacts of the storm was the disruption to the school schedule due to the ongoing sheltering need. Another advantage of the church building is that sheltering activities can be customized to any event. Emergency shelter can be provided for anything from a town wide event like a storm, to a single family event like house fire, or even for a single individual like in a case involving domestic violence.

The Cavendish Fire Department is committed to the public safety of Cavendish and is glad to work with others who serve the community we live in.

If you would like to make a contribution to Cavendish Fire Department‘s Emergency Shelter Initiative please mail checks to:

Cavendish Volunteer Fire Department
Att: Emergency Shelter Initiative
PO Box 453
Cavendish Vt, 05142

Or you can call the Fire Station’s non-emergency line at (802) 226-7790 and leave a message. Thank you.

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