“It’s so good to see children in church,” is the comment we hear most from visitors. At Cavendish Baptist we take seriously Luke 18:15-17 that reads,

Parents brought children to Jesus to be blessed, but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called the children to him, and said, “Encourage little children to come to me, don’t forbid them. For the kingdom of God belongs to those who are child-like. Moreover, those who will not receive the kingdom of God like little children shall not enter it.”

Notice how Jesus moves from practical concerns to spiritual realities. The disciples were probably complaining about the noise and disruption that accompanies children, but Jesus cut to the underlying question. Who can have a relationship with God? The answer is anyone, anyone who simply comes, like a child.

Children are not merely tolerated at Cavendish Baptist, they are cherished and serve as a guide to us all.