What We Believe

Do you believe that the God of the Bible wants a relationship with you? At Cavendish Baptist Church, We do.

How do we know that God wants a relationship? Three ways. The first way is the very existence of the Bible. For 4000 years, people of faith have turned to one book over and over to have God’s truth revealed to them. It’s a unique book, the product of mortal hands and minds, and yet God’s immortal truth. A miraculous text, limited human language guiding us to limitless God-filled life.

The second way we know that God desires a relationship is that he sent us his son, in order for us to know and relate to him. This is the little baby we celebrate at Christmas, the Virgin Mary’s son, Jesus. He was a human who exists in space and time just like we do, but he is also fully God. The same God who created everything we see, and everything we can’t see, was a little baby who grew into a man, who died and raised from the grave. That’s how we know he was more than just a teacher or prophet.

The third way we know that the God of the Bible wants a relationship with us is that we have felt his Holy Spirit in our lives. The Holy Spirit stirred up our seeking of God. Out of that yearning we asked God to be a part of our lives, and just like a relationship with any other person, we know he is there because we’ve experienced him.

Have you ever tried to seek a relationship with God? That desire is God calling to you. What you feel is his Holy Spirit. You can talk to him right now, that’s what prayer is. You can pray anytime and anywhere. You can read God’s Word in the Bible. The same Word that became human flesh, Jesus. You can invite Jesus to be with you, and live with you. Imagine, you can relate to the Divine the same way as a neighbor. And when God creates that relationship with you, he makes a relationship for you with others who know and love him. That’s what the Church is. If you are part of the family of God, or you’d like to be, we invite you to visit Cavendish Baptist.

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